Pizza, finally a topic we all are or should be experts on.

Now I cannot describe the feeling that goes through ones head when they open that lid and smell a good pie. Then again why do I need to explain something we all understand so well. Whether you like white pizza, cheese on bottom or the works, pizza is heaven. The Capital Region is home to some pretty amazing pizza or as the kids say "Dank" pizza.

My favorite easily is Red Front. As a teenager with a father who was living life post cancer, the little things counted. One of those fond memories I have with my dad from before he passed was going to Red Front in Troy every single Friday to grab a small pizza for us to take home. I remember the bar vibe being so cool for that age. Then you get home with the best pizza I have ever had. memories that I can never forget. Thankfully now the restaurant has multiple locations. I suggest meat lovers if you wish to try.. Cannot go wrong!!

Who makes your favorite pizza in the Capital Region?


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