When tragedy strikes we seek comfort in a multitude of ways; friends, family, prayers, pets just to name a few.  Whatever you turn to, I think we all agree that we cannot underestimate the power of music. In the wake of the horrific Las Vegas attacks, many of us have been rendered speechless. And while many of us simply had no words, Eric Church said it all.

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.  You've been listening to country music a lot longer than I have. However, even while I was working for my previous employer, we always honored and observed anniversary dates of 9/11 by playing the incredible songs written by Alan Jackson and Toby Keith.  Country music is, and always will be an integral part of the heartbeat, pulse, and fabric of this great country we live in.

While watching Church's unbelievable tribute to Sonny Melton, a fan who lost his life Sunday evening shielding his wife from bullets, I was reminded why it's easy to love country music and the artists who stand proudly behind their songs.  Church was honest and real and his moving words and beautifully written tribute called "Why Not Me" chilled me to the bone.

In an world where everyone has an opinion, many of us have been rendered speechless by what we witnessed this past week.  Eric Church, however, said it all.



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