I guess I'm not a nice enough person.  I try to give whenever I can to the Police Benevolent Assn and other charities.   We try to do our part, but I guess not enough when you consider what some people do, including a well known New York politician. 

Actually, in the first case, it might not be a guy.  It could be a woman.  Noone knows, because it's a mystery donation of $2.2 million smackers.

According to Newser.com, the actual national debt as I write this is $18,358,654,899,638.  It's not making a huge dent in the debt, but it's a very nice gesture, to be sure.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images


Believe it or not, there is actually a bank account set up somewhere called the Public Debt Reduction Fund, and this wasn't the only contribution.  There's actually almost $4 million in there now all totaled.

But here is an interesting bit of trivia.  Who is the biggest giver to the debt?  New York Republican representative Chris Gibson.  He donates his military pension every month - over $4,000.

Man, I've learned a lot this morning, haven't you?  I've learned that I'm not that generous, and I've learned that all politicians aren't "on the take".  This blogging thing is very edumacational.