I'll give you five weird pieces of trivia.  You tell me which of the Countryfest 2015 artists I'm referring to, OK?  DON'T SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM! 


1. This person's daddy was a bank vice president and a first lieutenant in WWII.

2. He was in a fraternity - Sigma Alpha Epsilon while he was in Vermont.


3. He got married in Mexico in 2005 and have two dogs - Jake (who was actually in one of his videos), and George.

4 Many don't know this, but he actually has a pilots license (I'm sure this gives it away, but Ifigured I'd be kind.

5. He was nominated for Grammy awards 11 times.  Coincidentally he was nominated for 11 CMT and CMA's as well

Ok   Who is it?







Dierks Bentley
:Jason Merritt, Getty Images

You are correct again.  Mama raised no fool with you!  Yessir.  Dierks is coming to our iconic event -Countryfest 2015.  Very exciting to see him and the entire lineup this year.

Have you gotten your tickets yet?  Say WHAT? Well you better act fast.

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