Of the fifty United States capitol cities, and a few categories, WalletHub ranked all of the US Capitols according to the overall best places to live. The categories included affordability, economic well-being, quality of education and health, and quality of life. Where does Albany, New York rank on this list?

Albany New York Skyline
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According to this survey, state capitals are typically thriving cities with economic and cultural value. But not all state capitals are great places to live.

Albany, the capital of New York came in at #28. Although Albany landed less than halfway up the list, there were some categories where Albany finished higher than other state capitals.

For instance, in the category of education and health, Albany faired well. Coming in at #16. In the quality of life category, Albany landed at #12. But dragging Albany down to the #28 spot was affordability and economic well-being. Albany came in at #40 in both of these categories.


Just two years ago, Albany, NY was ranked in the top 25 for the best US cities to raise a family. The poll that U.S. News/Real Estate did, compiled a list of the Top 25 United States cities that were the most desirable to move to and raise a family. Albany, NY came in at #22 on the list.

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