I'm a fan of everything 90's: slap bracelets, Nintendo, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Billy Ray Cyrus and his "Achy Breaky Heart"...so, this coming to the Times Union Center is going to be awesome!

We all love music from across the board when it comes to genres. Sure, there's the obvious country love, but I know if I take a peak at your iPod I'm going to find a wide range of songs. Like, for example my iPod currently has everything from the Jackson 5 to Carrie Underwood to DMX and Hanson, Counting Crows, Twenty One Pilots, Macklemore and Luke Bryan.

IMDB/Frederick M. Brown, Getty
IMDB/Frederick M. Brown, Getty

Just announced this morning, the I Love the 90's Tour is coming to the Times Union Center! On a Thursday, as perfect as that is, December 1st. The tour includes headliners Vanilla Ice and Salt & Pepa, along with other acts like Rob Base, Coolio, Color Me Badd and More. Tickets start at $56.

For more information visit: HERE

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