As we get ready to wrap up our 3rd annual Capital District High School Hunger Games with Morris Ford by crowning a winning school, the truth is - we all win.

Yes, there will be a local high school that comes out on top. A school will win a private acoustic show by Chase Bryant and a party at Flight Trampoline Park by raising the most food for the Food Pantries For the Capital District.

But ultimately we ALL win. We win as a community knowing so many great kids are willing to step out to help those in need. It is comforting to know out future is bright!

The Food Pantries win because they will get a lot of food to fill their shelves to help feed so many during the holidays and the year ahead.

And our neighbors who may be struggling a bit win. They won't need to worry about where that next meal comes from. They will know there neighbors care about them and their well being. And maybe all the goodwill will be a spark that leads to more good things in the year ahead for some folks.

Yep. When the Hunger Games wrap up this week, we all win.