This year I made my first ever trip to Memphis and the St Jude Children's Hospital. Thanks to my choice of career I have experienced MANY amazing things but nothing that I carry with me the way this trip stays on my mind and in my heart. The biggest and most inspirational moment for me was hearing Bob Crawford from The Avett Brothers speak about his daughter Hallie.

Bob Crawford came to the stage and shared the most tragic and inspiration story I've ever heard in my life. Bob was on tour with his band when his wife noticed their daughter Hallie wasn't quite right. Bob went on to tell us about how doctor after doctor confirmed his and his wife's worst fear that not only did their daughter have cancer, she would never live a normal life and worse didn't have much time.

Bob's story was so heart breaking to me because all I could think of was how would I even move if my daughter was at all sick let alone the doctor that is supposed to fix her tells me she has no hope. Bob's story took an amazing turn after his wife made him bring Hallie to St Jude. When they arrived they were greeted by a doctor that told them there was hope. Thanks to St Jude Hallie is not only alive but a happy little girl that still has a long fight ahead of her but now has HOPE!

Here's what a day with Bob and Hallie Crawford is like now. Thank God for St Jude!



August 7th and 8th 2013 we ask you to help us give more children hope. We ask you to give more parents time with their children. I ask you to please donate to St jude during our Radiothon. Call 518-374-2890 or 1-800-339-HOPE(4673) between 6 am and 7 pm EST both August 7th and 8th. Show the kids we care.

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