I screamed, you screamed, we complained about the lack of nice weather here in the 518, and then we all just pigged out on Stewarts Ice Cream!  It was a record week for Stewarts Shops thanks in part to their 1/2 gallon sale.  What's your fave?

The numbers are pretty staggering as the 337 local Stewarts Shops sold over a quarter of a million 1/2 gallons of the frozen goodness.  Depending on how you look at the data (aka how much you personally can scarf down in one sitting) that's anywhere from about one to three or four MILLION servings of ice cream.

Ok, now that we got the "data" part out of the way, what's the best kind of Stewarts Ice Cream?  For me, it's hands down Peanut Butter Pandemonium; vanilla ice cream, chocolate and peanut butter swirls and little peanut butter cups.  I did my part in buying at least 2 half gallons last week.  I may or may not have even drizzled warm melted peanut butter on top of it just for a little extra love.  Don't judge.



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