Don't you dare say its not worth a buck! Albany area dreamers are crossing their fingers and toes hoping they can hit the Mega Millions drawing tonight. I hope someone local wins so we can keep the money at home, unless they move! Haha. If I won the Mega Millions I know what I would do with some of the money for sure.The jackpot tonight is for $363 million dollars. That's a ton of money, even after taxes. Look at it this way. If you just had $1 million as a balance daily in a checking account you would earn $26,000 a year in interest. In other words the money would pay off so much in interest that you would have a tough time spending it all, which would be a great problem to have.

Here's the 5 things I would definitely do if I won which wouldn't really put a dent in it to be honest.

5. Retire immediately and set up my loved ones for a comfy retirement too-  Well, wouldn't you?
4. Put $2 million in trust fund for my kids.
3. Buy a house on a lake in the Adirondacks
2. Jaguar XF - Yeah baby!
1. Buy a golf course - All my friends could golf and drink for free. (All 3 of them) HAHA!

What would you do? Let us know.

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