It looks like Hulu is paying big, big bucks for one of the greatest sitcoms in history.  They are betting that people will binge watch.  That brings up a question..  Looks like the online subscription service Hulu is offering the entire catalog of Seinfeld shows on their site, so you can sit there until your eyes either tear up from laughing or bleed from staring.

According to CNN, they paid almost $180 million for the rights to the series. That's absolutely incredible.  Jerry could sure use the extra income.  Come on - he's retired!.

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Seriously though, now you can watch shows back to back to back to back ad infinitum, which is the new way of viewing.  It's been very successful for Netflix with Game of Thrones, House of Cards and many other shows.  I guess they must know that the money will be well worth it.

But here's the question - if you could binge watch any show that's ever been on the boob tube, what would you choose?  For me - it's a classic from my youth.  I'll give you a hint: "Good morning, Mrs. Cleaver -you're looking lovely today".


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