The Academy Awards are on Sunday night on ABC.  It's always very interesting to see which of the nominated movies gets all the "props". Sometimes I agree with them, and sometimes I think they're smoking something!  Let's see where YOU stand on this.

daniel day-lewis
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Here he is - Daniel Day-Lewis.  He's already picked up awards here and there for his portrayal of Abe Lincoln in the movie of the same name. I thought he was fantastic, don't get me wrong. I thought Sally Field was amazing as well. However the movie itself I thought was pretty slow moving, to be honest.  I was surprised that I was literally forcing myself to keep my eyes open at times.  I thought I would be riveted to the screen the entire time from all of the hype it's gotten.

OK, you can stop screaming at the computer screen now.  OK maybe it's just me!  Then again, perhaps you agree.

Here's my question - what Academy Award movie have you seen where you disagreed with what the critics have said?  Please leave your comments at the bottom.  I would love to know.  I trust your opinions a lot more than theirs!

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