Easter is this Sunday, and it turns out Albany's favorite candy is an old stand by.

The Jelly Bean! That's right, those sweet little nuggets of pure sugar and flavoring came it at number 1 with 43% of the votes! Chocolate bunnies and Cadbury Cream eggs finished tied for second with 14% of the votes in our poll.

According to Candy Favorites, the jelly bean as we know it today dates back to the Civil War and Boston candy maker William Schrafft. Now I can imagine if our Jelly Beans had not evolved since the Civil War, they wouldn't have finished #1 in this poll. But with Jelly Belly and my personal favorite Starburst Jelly Beans, you can see why the Capital Region voted the jelly bean the #1 Easter treat!.

And hey, National Jelly Bean day is also coming up April 22. Coincidence it falls right after Easter? I think not.

Have a great time making cavities this weekend!


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