This Saturday, 6/14, the weather looks perfect for the 5th annual Saratoga Brewfest at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds.

While the main attraction will be the 200 beers, presented by The Ruck, the day will also feature music from Hair Of The Dog, Kung Fu and a Silent Disco. What is a Silent Disco? According to

"A Silent Disco is really quite simple. First you need a space, typically a nightclub or an area at a festival where people would normally listen to music. Now, instead of using the sound system we hand SilentArena™ wireless headphones to everyone, Live DJ's then play as normal but the sound is delivered instantly to the headphones instead of a speaker system. The participants at any time can switch between the DJ's at the touch of a button. The end result is a couple of thousand people all singing and dancing together but to different music!"


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