'Aw Naw' is the hot new single from Chris Young. Wondering what 'Aw Naw' might mean?

According to internetslang.com, 'Naw' is slang for 'No!'

Urbandictionary.com has a definition for another use of the term as 'Aw Hell Naw!' Urbandictionary says that this "means something along the lines of "ooh no you didnt" or "bitch please, what in the hell were you thinking"... also can be used as a form of disbelief in a situation."

In Chris Young's country hit, 'Aw Naw,' the subject in the song is trying to go home, but decides to stay out and party with his buddies. As heard in the lyrics: “Aw naw, somebody just bought a / Shot of that Patron, hang on / I just might have to stay / Aw naw, look at the time y’all / What happened to coats on, long gone / I should be halfway home but aw naw.

According to Wikipedia, Chris Young isn't the first artist to use the slang in a song title, In 2001 the Kentucky Rap Group Nappy Roots released a single titled 'Awnaw,' (spelled out as one word).