As the weather starts getting warmer and the swim suits are broken out, it's time to figure out which beach in the area is the best one.

Every year Times Union does their "Best of The Capital Region" awards/honors. It seems that they haven't ranked beaches and pools of the area since 2015. So lets see which one you believe to be the best.

I personally only went to one beach growing up. My parents always brought me to Grafton State Park just 30-40 minutes outside of Troy. As a kid any beach though is good, as long as it had sand and water. Grafton however in 2015 was rated as the best beach in the Capital Region according to Times Union.

Many other popular beaches include,

  • Million Dollar Beach, Lake George
  • Moreau Lake State Park, Gansevoort
  • Thompson Lake State Park, East Berne

There are so many other great ones, it seems like no matter where you are in the Capital Region there is always a beach near you. Take the poll below to confirm which one is truly the best.

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