We love Matty Jeff...we really do.  But sometimes he needs to check the mirror before he leaves for work in the morning, or at the very least, check with his wife Stacy.  He comes in rocking some pretty tight shirts straight off the rack of Baby Gap and doesn't even think twice about it.  He did it again the other day when our friends from the Albany Empire came to visit and they brought us some team swag. Check out the latest video of Matty Smedium lovin' his new Empire jersey and let us know what you think.


One of the jersey's they gave us was a kids' medium and Matty couldn't claim it fast enough.  Chrissy and I (trying to keep a straight face) decided to make him try it on and he gladly did.  Matty is easily one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to radio and country music, but that guy needs to stop wearing clothes that Chrissy's 7 year old son Ryan would have a hard time fitting it.  Maybe he thinks it makes his guns look bigger or he chest look puffier, but either way, we're done telling him he needs to stop.  We're just embracing Matty for the 'smedium lovin' baby gap wearin' welcome to the gun show' dude he is!

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