hank williams

Alter Egos
A number of country music's biggest stars have taken on new personas to flush out new creative opportunities, and not all of these alter egos were meant as jokes. Sure, one can't imagine Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum pursuing a full-time career as Dick Fantastic, but several superstars…
Hank Williams Estate Makes Over 200 Live Recordings Available
2013 marks 90 years since the birth of country legend Hank Williams and 60 years since his tragic death. While he didn't live to see 30, the indelible mark he left on the genre is indisputable. Now, the Hank Williams Estate, which is overseen by his children Jett and Hank Williams, Jr., is making ov…
Top 10 Hank Williams Songs
Every Sunday Morning GNA features the best in Classic Country Music from 6-9am.  Once again, my friends at Taste of Country asked me to share my passion for Classic Country Music by compiling a list of the Top 10 Hank Williams Songs.

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