When it comes to "Going Green", there are a couple of new sheriffs in town and they are actually the first in the state to be certified!

Congrats to Watervliet and Albany.  According to an article in the Times Union, they were recognized by the Climate Smart Communities Program for "reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions" among other things.

Google Earth

Watervliet has "saved the city $145,000 by installing solar arrays and a 1.25 megawatt hydroelectric facility!  Kudos to them

Albany was also sited for improving areas downtown  where people can walk instead of drive and they have also fixed their recycling program to make it more efficient.

Come on, naysayers…. check out this picture for a second.

photo by Richie Phillips

I took this shot the other day while attending the Freihofer Run For Women.  Would you rather look at THIS or a smoggy, city with air that's impossible to inhale without passing out?

Even if you DON'T believe that climate change is happening right now, shouldn't we start preparing for it just in case it DOES come true and eventually WILL be impossible to reverse?    (You're welcome, Mr. Gore)