So I was DJing a wedding a few months ago when a kid came up to me and asked "Can you play Watch Me Whip Watch Me Nae Nae?"   I thought he was tripping me up - asking for a song that would be really filthy,  because I hadn't heard it before.   Who would know it would become such a big dance craze and viral hit on YouTube.

It's amazing that just watching people dance could get 7 million hits on YouTube, but  then again are you surprised these days?

This song by "Silento" , a rap artist.  According to Wikipedia (maybe it should be called WHIP-ipedia) the song was released in March of 2015 and was included on Nickelodeon to help advertise their Labor Day weekend shows.  Maybe that explains how this little kid knwe the song.  BuzzFeed has named it one of the songs with the worst lyrics of the year.

I've been googling to find out just what the heck this song means.  Is it totally non sensical? Is it in the urban dictionary somewhere?  Actually, who cares.  It's fun to watch people do it, so here's a compilation from TopClips 247.  Grab a soda, sit on your nae naes and let's let the whipping begin..


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