The video was rolling when Granger performed at GNA's Heartstrings For Hope show earlier this month.

And in a recent edition of his Yee Yee TV series, Granger gave a shout out to WGNA and Clifton Park. Of course he was in town to perform at our St. Jude benefit concert at Upstate Concert Hall presented by Adirondack Tire & Service. You can see how important St. Jude is to Granger, and children's charities in general. Check it out at the 1:20 mark:

It still stands out how quickly Granger, and Trent Harmon, committed to this charity for St. Jude earlier this month. Two super good guys, and I think they are a great indicator overall of how the Nashville community supports the amazing work that St. Jude does.

And last and certainly not least, again seeing 'GNA Nation filling up the Upstate Concert Hall for this amazing cause is absolutely amazing. You are such a major part of all we do for St. Jude year round. you guys are amazing and we thank you!


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