It is a new 2020 take on a holiday classic.

If you don't have a fireplace, or maybe before you had one, you probably have watched a fireplace video on your TV, set to Christmas music, at some point in your life. Because sometimes around Christmas, you just need to see those flames and hear that snap, crackle, and pop set to Christmas carols to really be in the spirit of the season. But after the year we had, a Canadian ad agency is putting a new twist on this holiday tradition.

It's the Christmas Dumpster Fire Channel. The same great tunes and the flames, but just in a dumpster to reflect the dumpster fire that was 2020. CTV News says AM/FM, an Edmonton ad agency, put the channel together. I guess it reflects the spirit of Christmas and of the year that was. You can check it out below, complete with great holiday tunes and the sound of stuff falling in a dumpster.

While this is literally a dumpster fire, I do think the stockings are a very nice touch. It says, yes this year sucked, but it wasn't all bad and we should still enjoy the weeks ahead. If they did not decorate it, that would just be Grinch or Scrooge-like. So watch away, enjoy the holidays and reflect on the year that literally was a dumpster fire. Don't you think the steel in the dumpster gives a nice extra glow to the fire?

Merry Christmas!

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