Listen, after the amazing shot out of the woods that hooked around 30 yards of trees in a U- shape and landed on the green the year he won the Masters, I don't think Bubba Watson could really do much more to impress me. This putt however is really very impressive.

Not only is this fun to watch as he has his back to the whole, and inconceivably putts it way up the hill of the green in the wrong direction, but it does get me even more excited about the U.S. Open this year. I'm not sure if you have heard the controversy but many players are not happy about the tournament being at Chambers Bay this year, I for one am loving it.

Without getting too much into it for the casual golf fan suffice it to say that this course will be unlike anything these guys have played on for years. It is monstrously long and has sloping tee boxes, questionable greens and hard rolling hills. Actually they might be looking a lot like us out there this week.

Except for Bubba Watson , he already is enjoying the odd greens and may have a few tricks up his sleeve as the tournament begins on Thursday, check out this incredible putt and get ready, i hope for some interesting championship golf .

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