I'm trying to find out.  I THINK this was from Countryfest 1993, but not 100% sure. Were you there?  Check these photos and you tell me! 

These photos were sent to me from an anonymous source who shall remain nameless (in other words -"I gotta guy".  (Actually, "I gotta woman")

Here's the problem.  I can't remember for sure if this was the first Countryfest or not, and we don't have the poster in the hallway to ascertain for sure, so I am leaning on you, our faithful listeners to let me know.

Photo 1 Travis Tritt with former staffers, including the wonderful Ruth Tietz,  former GM Al Vicente, DJ's Big Jon Allen,  Bob Jennings, Gary Briggs and yours truly in the bad shorts.

Photo 2:  Brooks and Dunn with, from left - the late, great Uncle Fred Horton, Kix Brooks, Party Marty Roberts 

file photo

Crowd Shots