Several people have asked me questions about the Brad Paisley Virtual Reality Concert that played Saratoga Performing Arts Center on Friday, June 29, 2012. The most popular question, which was even discussed on the Sean and Richie Show- "Was Carrie Underwood at the Brad Paisley concert?"

Was Carrie Underwood With Brad Paisley at SPAC?

The answer is yes, in hologram form.  When Brad Paisley began to sing 'Remind Me,' his smash hit with Carrie Underwood, many fans wondered if the song would be performed with Kimberly Perry of the Band Perry.  Kimberly had already joined Brad earlier on the Alison Krauss duet 'Whiskey Lullaby.'  Surprisingly, Underwood was beamed in to the show through modern technology leaving many people feeling as though they really saw her on stage.  Watch the video below and see if you would have been fooled- especially if you were sitting further back.

Where was the Opry Stage Backdrop?

The Opry stage showcased the fresh new faces of Country Music prior to the main concert. However due to the winds, the famous Grand Ole Opry backdrop was absent.  Fans did see the famous 'WSM' microphone stands set up to welcome Kristen Kelly, Love and Theft, and Jana Kramer to a very enthusiastic crowd. And yes, all three signed autographs after the show.

Who was on stage with Brad Paisley for his encore of 'Alcohol?'

Scotty McCreery, The Band Perry, Love and Theft, Kristen Kelly, Jana Kramer, their respective bands, AND the GNA crew- Jake Thomas, Sean McMaster, and yours truly- Kevin Richards.  We were invited by Brad to take part in the encore sipping shots at a fake bar with a giant 'big headed' version of Brad Paisley.  Ironically, as we tried to sing along we couldn't hear the words, because we didn't have ear monitors.  So, we may have appeared 'drunk' and mouthing the words to a song we didn't know, but it was really like karaoke without a screen with words.