We had a very close call with our dog, Freddie, Thursday night. It was just a typical night and Freddie decided to eat something I dropped. Quick action and a little Google research saved his furry life. Here's what you should know so it doesn't happen to your pet. The other night while taking off my jeans, some spare change came out of my pocket and hit the floor. My dog, Freddie, was near by and immediately picked up a penny in his mouth. Freddie wears a leash so I grabbed it and instead of him dropping the penny, he swallowed it. We quickly Googled to see if pennies are harmful for dogs. We were alarmed by what we found.

We discovered that pennies can be deadly to dogs. Pennies that were made prior to 1982 are made with copper and not harmful. But pennies made after 1982 contain zinc, which is deadly if ingested by dogs. We didn't know the date of the penny but we brought him in the the emergency vet.

freddie xray

Our quick actions saved Freddie's life. He wound up having a five hour surgery to remove the penny from his stomach. Turns out, the penny was from 2000 and could have killed him. He is now recovering after surgery and on the mend.

freddie surgery

Please be careful if your dog is around loose change. Be sure he doesn't eat any coins. We learned the hard way and it cost us a pretty penny. We are grateful he's going to be okay..

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