The weather is getting cooler and you may be spending more time outdoors. That time could win you free beer from a national brewer!

How great would it be to win free beer for an entire year and all you have to do is spend some time outdoors on a beautiful day? That dream could be your reality. Thrillist is reporting that Busch is looking to give away free beer for an entire year for going out in the woods.

Busch is partnering with the National Forest Foundation to protect America's 193 million acres of public forests and grasslands. Not only is Busch donating 1 cent of every sale of the special Outdoors Busch and Busch Light to the foundation but they want you to spend some time outdoors too.

Busch will be giving out a free full year's worth of beer to one lucky winner and all you have to do is hang out in the woods. Busch is placing special medallions on 10 trees in forests that range from New York to Alaska. They'll put clues on their social media starting September 18th and the first person to find a medallion is the lucky winner.

Is it 100% that there will be a medallion in the Adirondacks? No, but they said from New York to Alaska and any range of trees is fair game in my book. Keep an eye on their social media and the minute you see something that looks familiar, head up north!

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