I want to warn you right off the bat that this is a very silly video. I wanted to share it with you because I realize that people sometimes wonder what sort of things are happening inside a venue before a concert. I think in this case, you may be very surprised.

Before the Brett Young show at Lucky Strike, Bethany and I were arguing about high fives and handshakes because she had no idea about a three slap low five. In fairness it's sort of a sports thing and she also doesn't know which sport uses a bat and which uses a puck. Well what we didn't know was that for some reason Marissa found it interesting enough to start taping it.

What made the whole thing fun was that the headliner of the upcoming show, Brett Young was just sort of standing around and watching, before we knew it we all got into a big discussion on handshakes, high fives and emojis. It didn't really get too out of hand until the end when of course boobs got brought up (can you guess who brought them up?) and Marissa was smart enough to turn off her camera.


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