Another area store is getting ready to close it's doors.

According to the Times Union, the Walmart 'Neighborhood Market' on State Street will close by June 9th. The article cites 'poor economic' performance as the reason for the store's closure. This location has been open since 2013.

I have a feeling that this is not an indicator of Walmart's overall performance, but just this particular incarnation of the store. It is not your typical Walmart, and that actually threw me for a loop the first time I went to this store. I wonder if it did the same to other Walmart shoppers?

I was heading to Walmart to get some stuff besides food, and I was surprised when I arrived and there was just a Supermarket. I ended up just going to my regular Walmart in Clifton Park. Not a knock on Walmart, I am just used to the set up with everything under one roof - including food.

There is some good news here: the Times Union article says 100 or so employees at this location will be given the option to transfer to another local Walmart branch.

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