First, I want to thank everyone who wrote in to nominate people for the Schuylerville Citizen of the year. We received many amazing nominations. We have narrowed it down to 2 very deserving individuals who both had multiple nominations.  Now it is your turn once again, we need your vote!

In the interest of fairness you will only be allowed one vote, so if there is someone you really believe in, make sure to tell your friends and neighbors to vote as well. Please read the excerpt I have included from the emails we received and then vote for your favorite.

1. Michelle DeGarmo: Michelle has worked very hard to get numerous grants for the village. Some of the grants included providing families with new mobile homes replacing their older ones to helping people get more energy efficient windows and doors to help reduce their cost for heating. She also was able to get a playground at Fort Hardy park which has been a big hit. She is a very big advocate for the village of Schuylerville and is always looking for new ideas on how to help improve the village.

2. Maggie Chiperno: Maggie graduated from the Schuylerville School District – which she is presently involved in volunteering and planning the 52nd Schuylerville High School Reunion. Maggie is a former General Schuyler Ambulance Service EMT, volunteered on the Town of Saratoga National Emergency Management System, has been a member of the Schuylerville Lyons Club for 12 years, is on the Board of Directors for the Second Hand Rose Consignment store and the Schuylerville Area Food Emergency Relief (SAFER) as well as volunteering in the SAFER Food Pantry.

OK, that is what your neighbors had to say about these nominees, now it is all up to you. Keep in mind you will only be able to vote ONCE a day and in the interest of fairness, we will not show the results until the polls are closed. Please encourage your friends and family to vote for your favorite but keep it fair.

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