In waterford, a person called police because of their vehicle broken into. They also reported that some money had been taken from the vehicle.

Cell Phone - Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Cell Phone - Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When authorities started an investigation, it didn’t take long to find the suspects. One of them apparently dropped their in the vehicle. While the police had the cell phone, there was a text message sent to it about the phone being missing and if someone found it to call the listed number. That’s what the police did. The officer made arrangements to meet the owner on Saratoga avenue, and return the cell phone. When the police met the cell phone owner, they detained her, and continued with the investigation.

That lead to the arrest of two suspects. 21-year-old Caitlinn Lamere and 20-year-old Ashley Bucceri. According to the story that I saw on News 10 ABC, both women were issued appearance tickets for Waterford Town Court, and were charged with Petit Larceny.

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