If you love a feel good story, here's your dose for the day!

A University of Rochester quarterback named Daniel Bronson is being called a hero by police after he witnessed a purse-snatching and then jumped the suspect before he could get away!

Daniel Bronson is a junior at U of R and was home in Lockport visiting family a couple of weeks ago.  While he was out to dinner with his girlfriend, Bronson said he saw a man run past an elderly woman and her husband and yanked her purse right off of her arm!  So, he put his QB training into use and started to chase after him!  The man dropped the purse, but kept running... but that wasn't good enough for Daniel!  He caught up to the guy and tackled him!

Police arrested the suspect who they say might have been involved in other related cases.

Daniel Bronson might not consider himself a hero, as he's rather humble about the whole thing... but the Granddaughter of the woman whose purse was taken reached out to Daniel to thank him.

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