Do you think you have what it takes to unplug and go forty-eight hours without the internet to possibly win one thousand dollars? Here are the details if you think you can stick it out. We went out to a campsite near Lake Placid over the weekend overnight and didn't realize that there was zero reception. Not only did we not have internet, but we didn't even have phone service. I am not sure if I would be cut out for this adventure to win a grand. Here's what you need to do.

According to, there is a company out of Salt Lake City, Utah that is willing to pay you one thousand dollars if you can do a digital detox for forty-eight hours in a camper RV. The catch is you must give up social media and apps like Netflix.

They want you to go to one of America's National Parks in an RV and go completely offline for two full days. You must rent or use your own RV but they will reimburse you if you win aside from the one thousand dollar prize.

The company called Satellite Internet out of Salt Lake City helps people get online in remote places but is encouraging everyone to enjoy America's National Parks. If you win, at the end of the forty-eight hours, the company will give you a digital hotspot to connect from wherever you are.

You must be twenty-five years of age or older. To apply for this unique opportunity, just click HERE and good luck with your digital detox.

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