Ricardo Dominguez, a professor who teaches a visual arts class at the University of California at San Diego has required the students to be naked for the final part of the course for 11 years now.  But now, this year, one helicopter moms is mad.

The professor also disrobes for the final exam, which involves students participating in a “series of gestures” while nude.

The mom who is ticked off won't identify herself.  She says her daughter had no idea that nudity was a requirement in the class.

The University released a statement saying that the class is an elective that isn't required to graduate and technically the students don't have to get naked to pass.

Only one student in 11 years of Dominguez’s course has opted to be “emotionally naked” for the exam - which is the alternative to being physically naked.

What do you think?  Does this mom have a right to be mad?  Should she stay out of it? Do you think the daughter really didn't know what was happening?

Is there anything wrong with what this professor is doing?

Apparently I have so many questions about this story!  Leave your comments in the section below!

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