Fire in the JFK Library has been extinguished.

The ground stop on planes heading into Logan Airport has been lifted.

Secret Service has expanded security at the White House following the attacks in Boston.

Police are asking people to stay at home and if they do leave home, please do not travel in large groups. Additionally the Harvard Kennedy School has been evacuated as a precaution.

Google has created a tool for finding people who were at the Boston marathon:

Boston hospitals treating large number of victims:

Bruins game officially canceled:

Confirmed by the AP - cellular service has been turned off in Boston:

Gov. Deval Patrick led a press conference just before 5PM on April 15th.

Confirmed that there was an 'incident' at the JFK Library:

The device at the library WAS NOT confirmed as a controlled detonation, but the police confirmed at the press conference that they detonated a device near the original two bombs.

FAA is grounding flights at Logan airport:

More confirmed injuries - total is at 64 injured. Two confirmed deaths.

Horrific video of the first bomb exploding: WARNING - MAY HAVE SOME BRIEF GRAPHIC IMAGES

There will be a press conference shortly:

According to AP, two more unexploded devices have been found: says one of those was found on a glass bridge:

The bomb was a homemade device:

Pennsylvania Ave has been closed down in DC, and NYC has taken precautions as well.

There are UNCONFIRMED reports that law enforcement has requested a shut down of the cellular networks in and around Boston.

The Boston Police have tweeted that there have actually been 23 injured, with two lives lost:

The Boston police have confirmed 22 injured and two killed:

A third explosion has been heard:

There are other 'devices' being found by police, according from tweets from Boston media: has Tweeted that the police have found a device outside the library and are going to explode the device in a controlled detonation:

That Tweet was followed by this :

Early reports indicate at least six hurt in the explosions. There have been two confirmed explosions, the first one being a larger explosion than the other. The injured are being treated by medical personnel who were on hand to treat exhausted runners. The marathon was approximately half finished.

From ABC News:

About three hours after the winners crossed the line, there was a loud explosion on the north side of Boylston Street, just before the photo bridge that marks the finish line. Another explosion could be heard a few seconds later.

The Boston emergency services have a live stream of their scanner audio you can listen to here. Sever is overloaded and may need refreshing to connect.

Video of the explosions from NBC News:

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More from ABC News:

There was no immediate information on injuries, but Boston EMS personnel could be seen shuttling the injured out of the blast area on wheelchairs. Several of them were bleeding from the face.

Police have told people in area to avoid trash cans, according to witnesses.

Photos from the scene from Twitter:

Explosions at Boston Marathon

From Twitter:

Boston Marathon explosions

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