I just got back from vacation. What this means is, I just went through two airport security check points. If you've traveled via aircraft ever, you know this can be different for each person that goes through them.

I'll admit that I would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to air travel especially, so I do understand why there are some extreme measures taken at times to ensure that protection. But, when I saw this video I had an emotional reaction.

In this post, the boys Mother states that he hadn't set any alarms off and had done nothing wrong while walking through this security check point but he does have SPD. For those who don't know what SPD is, it's Sensory Processing Disorder and it is a condition where the brain has trouble knowing how to handle what the senses are giving it. So, knowing that, please imagine what it had to be like for this child to experience this.

This is just a portion of the one hour the family was detained in Texas, in which they missed their flight. Have you ever had a horrible traveling experience like this? How would you feel if this were your child?



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