Family farm owners in Dalton, MA watched as their Biden/Harris 2020 political message went up in flames on Friday night at the hands of a man clearly triggered by the Democratic candidates running this November.  The pro Biden message, painted onto 19 large bales of hay was completely destroyed, and the man believed to be responsible has been arrested.

The incident occurred on Friday night in Dalton, MA on the property of Holiday Brook Farm according to a story on News 10 ABC.   Holiday Brook Farm is a 4th generation family farm "with 1300 acres of forest and farmland that is sustainably managed and which produces all the food for our grass-fed cows and sheep" and thankfully, it appears that little outside of the bales of hay were damaged.

According to News 10 ABC, Dalton police arrested 49-year-old Lonnie Durfee the man they claim is responsible for setting the bales of hay on fire.

Photo: Bailey Cachat Facebook

Folks in the community, shocked by the actions of the insane-acting arsonist, rallied on behalf of the Crane family who own the farm.  Over the weekend, they got together and helped the Crane's build a new, equally as powerful display also using bales of hay.

The message for people to see had little to do with political affiliation, and everything to do with humanity stating, "Love. Unity. Respect."

Photo: Bailey Cachat Facebook

The new bales of hay offer a much less polarizing message (for those deranged individuals unable to handle a difference in political opinion) but regardless, they are words to live by.