….Besides the fact that he's coming to Countryfest 2014, of course!  Did you get your tickets?.  Here are some little known tidbits of information about this towering talent

1. He actually pursued a career as a professional golfer at one point.  (Ok, he's never going to be invited to the Sean and Richie golf tournament then!!)

2. He has a fraternal twin brother named Jarrod. Both born in 1981

from WGNA website

3. His real first name?  JOSHUA.  They didn't want him to be confused with other famous Josh's that were out there.  Can you name them?

4. He married a model,  Lacy Buchanan back in 2012 in Florida.  They have a daughter, Olive.

5. Remember his song, "Ghosts"? That was originally written for Kenny Chesney, but he turned it down.  That was a nice break for Jake (excuse the rhyme)

You can see him LIVE along with Scotty McCreery, John Michael Montgomery, Montgomery Gentry and many more at Countryfest 2014.  Get those tickets!!!

(info from Wikipedia.org)