Most people go with the flow when it comes to Valentine's Day.  As much as women pretend it's no big deal; that it's just an "ordinary day," they still won't turn away a Valentine's Day gift.  Don't get yourself in trouble -- deep down, they still want something. 

If you're a guy and you don't get your significant other something, especially if you know they hold the day pretty high up there, you'll be sleeping on the couch or possibly the floor if you don't acknowledge the day in some way or another.

Has Valentine's Day been made into a bit of a "Hallmark holiday" over the years? Yes.  Does that mean you still can't express how you feel about someone?  No, but it also doesn't mean you can't express how you feel or show someone you care about them the other 364 days of the year.  You just shouldn't boycott the holiday like it doesn't exist.  Most women feel that's a huge no-no.

So what you do get that special gal in your life on V-Day?  I've put together a list of the top ten Valentine's Day gifts  that aren't necessarily expensive (though they gradually get more expensive as the list goes on).  However, they might not pertain to your girl.  These are just by majority vote so you can stray away from the list and get her something more original or specific to her wants and desires if you think it will a bigger hit.

#1 - A handmade card: what says "i love you" better than something made from scratch that is also in writing.  I think any girl would agree this is a bit of a tear jerker.

#2- Love songs: put together a cd of songs that remind you of the woman in your life.  These could be songs that remind you of her, that she never knew you liked or knew spoke to you.  Every time she hears these songs, she'll also be reminded of you and your relationship.

#3 - Framed picture: buy a nice frame to house a picture of the two you she has either never seen or doesn't have a copy of.  This is a great gift she can continue to cherish whether at home or on her desk at work.


#4 - Anything chocolate: it doesn't have to be candy necessarily.  Chocolate is believed to have aphrodisiac power (makes people feel better; more joyful or full of pleasure).  Chocolate covered strawberries/fruit is always a nice alternative to chocolate candy, but it usually has to be pre-ordered.


#5 - Flowers: though I'm not a huge fan of flowers because they don't last as long as other things, they are very flattering to get.  I personally think a single flower is just as good as a bouquet, but that's me.  Most girls enjoy the excitment over getting an embarassing, surprise delivery for everyone to be envious over.


#6 - Romantic, candlelit dinner: what girl doesn't love a night off from worrying about dinner, let alone doing all the work.  She'll especially love the fact that you might appreciate all the time that goes into grocery shopping, preparation and actually cooking.  Don't forget the candles and romantic, country tunes playing in the background.

#7 - Lingerie: I don't think I need to explain this gift, but let's just say it will be a gift that both of you can enjoy (hopefully).

#8 - Spa package: (hint: look at the Seize the Deal this weekend) any girl likes to be pampered and what else would make her feel more special than having multiple technicans make her feel even more beautiful.

.#9 - Jewelry: this can be a little difficult to shop for, especially if your woman is a tad picky or already has a lot of jewelry.  My only recommendation, make sure you know what color jewelry she wears -- white gold/silver or yellow gold.  Also, pay attention to what she doesn't wear.  For example, don't buy her a necklace if she doesn't typically wear necklaces.

#10 - A trip for two: even if you can't take a small trip out of town on Valentine's Day, book a trip something the two of you can enjoy together.  Whether it's one night or two, getting away together always helps relieve stress and will be a nice way to spend an abundance of time together without the normal life stresses.  She'll appreciate the intiative of planning the entire weekend or trip.

* Disclaimer: please be sure to take into account how long you've been together.  As the numbers get closer to ten, you should factor in how much time you've been dating.  As much as women like to be catered to and showered with gifts, they also don't like to be freaked out.  If you've only been together a short time, take it from me, stay up towards number 1 through 5 to be safe.  Afterall, less is always more and you'll have plenty of time to move on to numbers 6 through 10 if all goes well.

Good luck!