Blake Shelton has more than two dozen No. 1 songs to choose from in selecting the best songs of his career, but not every song that makes the cut reached the top of the charts.

His fame has soared in recent years, but The Voice coach has been releasing satisfying country music since way back in 2001. This list of the best Blake Shelton songs includes cuts from across his entire career, from first to last.

The top Blake Shelton songs were chosen using sales and chart data, in addition to fan feedback and ToC staff opinion. From good-time country music to tender ballads and passionate odes to the country way of life, read on to see if you agree with our picks for the top Blake Shelton songs.

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    "I Lived It"

    "I Lived It" is proof positive that a song doesn't have to be a No. 1 hit to be one of Blake Shelton's best songs. Released as the second single from Shelton's Texoma Shore album in 2018, the introspective ballad takes a look back at the early part of Shelton's life in his small Oklahoma hometown, listing all of the reasons he's grateful for those experiences and how they shaped who he is today. "You wouldn't know to love it like I love it / Unless you lived it / And man, I lived it," Shelton reflects in the song, which could be any one of us reminiscing about our formative years.

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    "Honey Bee"

    "Honey Bee" became Shelton's ninth career No. 1 single the week of his 35th birthday in 2011. It couldn't be more of a present. Given the mushy, sweet and sticky lyrics, fans couldn't help but think that marriage to Miranda Lambert had made Blake a little soft. It's a sweet love song that has outlasted the relationship it celebrated.

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    "Ol' Red"

    "Ol' Red" is no new country song, and it's no Blake Shelton song, either, but he gives it his own creative stamp nonetheless. Both George Jones and Kenny Rogers released this one before the singer got his hands on it in 2001 and released it as the final single from his debut self-titled album in 2002. Much like the color of the trusty dog in the song, this track lit a red-hot fire under Blake Shelton's career and funneled the singer into the less hairy version we know today.

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    "The Baby"

    Raise your hand if you still cry every time you hear "The Baby." It's one of the most powerful stories of the past two decades, and Shelton sings it like a man who has just lost his mother. He didn't -- Dorothy is alive and well -- but you'd never know it. The No. 1 hit scores high on this Top Blake Shelton Songs list for fans and ToC staff.

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    "She Wouldn't Be Gone"

    'She Wouldn't Be Gone' is one of those Blake Shelton songs that just about everybody knows, whether they wear Wranglers and cowboy hats or not. Not only did this track become the country hitmaker's fifth No. 1 single on the Hot Country Songs chart, it also found its way into the Top 50 of Billboard's Hot 100 list. It resonates with all sorts of folks, because it's one of those staple love songs full of regret that holds true across all genres and leave you achin' for more.

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    "Hillbilly Bone"

    There's really no question why this one makes our Top Blake Shelton Songs list, because it's unquestionably the singer's most memorable track to date. 'Hillbilly Bone' says what we're already thinking: Everybody is a little bit country. Not only that, but it's a double-whammy of country stars and partying with the assist of 'Just Fishin'' hitmaker Trace Adkins. This 2009 single was a No. 1 for both of the country men, and snagged Shelton his first ACM for Vocal Event of the Year back in 2010. We consider it more of a daily necessity, though!

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    "Mine Would Be You"

    Blake Shelton scored his tenth consecutive No. 1 hit with "Mine Would Be You" when he released it as the third single from his Based on a True Story album in 2013. The song has the narrator asking his love what her all-time best moments are in various aspects of life, each one ending with the refrain, "Mine would be you." But there's an unexpected twist at the end as it turns out that if he had one great regret about a love that got away, "Mine would be you."

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    "God's Country"

    Shelton scored one of the most important singles of his career with "God's Country" in 2019, 18 years after he released his debut album. Devin Dawson, Jordan Schmidt and Hardy teamed to co-write "God's Country," which tributes the country way of life that Shelton and so many of his fans all grew up on. The ominous, brooding track takes Shelton in a new musical direction, and he gives one of the standout vocal performances he has ever committed to tape as he honors the importance of faith, family and tradition. "God's Country" reinvigorated Shelton's music career and gave him his 26th No. 1 hit.

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    "God Gave Me You"

    This Grammy-nominated ballad from Shelton's 2011 Red River Blue album went Double Platinum while reaching No. 1 on the charts. He says it's the song that inspired him to propose marriage to Lambert. Singer-songwriter Dave Barnes originally recorded the hit. Shelton's performance is full of emotion, and his voice has rarely been stronger.

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    Shelton's first single still stands out as one of his best. "Austin" is storytelling at its finest, and the singer introduced himself as a vocal powerhouse early in his career. The 2001 No. 1 would go Gold for 500,000 singles sold, but more importantly, it established him on the radio. Most country stations in America still play this song, which turns up at the very top of our list of the best Blake Shelton songs.

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