There have been a ton of rumors that Sasquatch/Bigfoot, whatever you call it, lives in our area. Tomorrow in Troy, we may finally get some answers when the Squatchdetective comes to town!

It seems like probably once a year, someone around here swears they saw bigfoot and usually it's up north, near Whitehall. A local bar in Troy, Franklin Alley Social Club, invited The Squatchdetective to the area tomorrow night and maybe he can answer some of our questions.

Steve Kulls, according to his website, is a former private investigator who has been using that investigative knowledge to find and study bigfoot. Kulls has been featured on Destination America, National Geographic channel, and The History Channel. Apparently, originally, he was skeptic but then after hearing so many accounts, he knew something had to be out there. Not only does he look for Sasquatch but he also debunks a lot of fake bigfoots too.

You can see him at Franklin Alley Social Club tomorrow at 7:00pm where he plans on talking about local sightings, his experiences, and more. If you're a skeptic now, who knows, you may become a believer yet!

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