Today is a bittersweet day for. After 6 and a half years as the Brand Manager for the greatest radio station in the world I will be leaving for a new and wonderful opportunity. I have lived my dream to the fullest as a radio station programmer. It's been an honor to be here and managing the best talent in the world as well. Sean and Richie, Jeff Levack, Kevin Richards, Lou Roberts, Marshall Dillon, Casey, Marian Carter and John Stanley to name a few. They have made me look great for years and their hard work leads WGNA to #1 status time and time again. Many years ago I was programming a country station in Watertown and had a monstrous rating book and a national magazine called Radio and Records called me for an interview. One of the questions that they asked me in that interview was "what would be the dream job for you?"  I didn't hesitate for one second and I said without a pause, "To someday program WGNA in Albany."  Well, it happened and I am proud of my time and accomplishments at the helm. I would like to thank my General Manager Dan Austin, and Operations Manager Stephen Giuttari for believing in me and letting come in here day after day and live my dream. I want to thank my wife Cindy for putting up with the long hours it takes to keep a station like WGNA humming, my kids for being cool with Dad being a little busier than I should have been on a few occasions over the years. As a program director the biggest thanks go to you, the 160,000 best listeners in the world. Thanks for listening to me and my incredible staff day after day, coming to the concerts, Countryfest and just making us a part of your life. Thanks for accepting me, a kid from Fort Ann, New York and my family and making my life the best a man can live. 'GNA is in my DNA, always has been and always will be. God Bless you all and I'll see you around as I march towards to the next challenge in my life. If I see you at the Elks club, the first beer's on me.