As much as he wants to, it's probably an interview Mike from the Eli Young Band would like to forget.

I am pretty sure when Eli Young Band come to perform at GNA''s Countryfest at SPAC Saturday, July 6th, Mike Eli will be reminded of the last time the band played Countryfest back in 2016. That is when Mike had what we think will go down as his worst interview ever. At the time, our guy Nick was honing his interviewing skills when he got chance to talk with the Country star. And it went down hill once it started, by getting Mike's name wrong. There are several low points in this one, including Nick asking Mike if the area behind your knee should be called a 'knee pit.' It's this and other gems that make this Mike Eli's Worst Interview ever. Let's hope Mike's time backstage goes a little better this year!

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