If you spent any time paying attention to your high school and college social studies teachers you have heard of the American Revolution.

Fort Ticonderoga was the main stage for many battles of the America Revolution. The fort was built by the French and was the site of 5 battles over 2 wars. You can also visit Mount Defiance which was the legendary site of the raid to take over Fort Ticonderoga from the British by the Americans led by Ethan Allan and the Green Mountain Boys.

At the outbreak of the Revolution, Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold both realized that Fort Ticonderoga made an easy target for the American rebels. With a small band of Green Mountain Boys, they captured the Fort from the British in an early morning raid on May 10th, only three weeks after Lexington and Concord. This was “America’s first victory” in the Revolution.

Over and above the rich historic visits available in Ticonderoga there is also the beauty. The Adirondacks are on one side and the Green Mountains are on the other set against the beauty of Lake Champlain. This is about a 90 minute car ride from the Captial Region and a must visit for young and old alike. When I first moved back to New York State in the mid 1980's as a teenager it was one of the first places that my grandparents took me on a trip from Fort Ann. I have since grown up and taken my kids there as well. Once you go, you can't stop coming back. If you love the golf the courses are beautiful in Ticonderoga too.

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