If you're looking for a new place to live and want some time away, take a look at this abandoned fort on this private island in Upstate New York.

Do you love abandoned places? Learning the history of what once was? Well, Fort Montgomery is on sale, according to Mental Floss, and it's less than $1 million!

Fort Montgomery is in Rouses Point, New York along the Canadian border and it comes with 8-acres of land and 86-acres of underwater land. The Fort isn't in perfect condition but it's a huge amount of land to work with.

Fort Montgomery originally was there to protect the US border but mistakenly build in Canada, so it was nicknamed "Fort Blunder." After we fixed the mistake and built it on the proper side of the border, it was used as a military outpost. Now, the real estate agency is hoping to sell the property for $995,000. They describe one of the reasons to buy it is because "Sunrises and sunsets illuminate the sky over picturesque Lake Champlain and a magnificent 6,500 feet of nature preserves.”

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