Does the name ring a bell?  If it doesn't,  go on Amazon or Itunes or maybe your local CD store (remember those?) and try one of his recordings. Tom Lehrer was a former Harvard math professor-turned-piano playing song satirist. He had a huge cult following in the '60s, writing about some of the controversial issues of the day.As a kid I used to listen and giggle uncontrollably  to his many songs, like "Pollution", "The Vatican Rag"   and "Be Prepared (the boy scouts song)".  There were times I didn't even get the jokes being so young, but I used to laugh anyway and try to mimic his words in front of a mirror (weirdo, I know!!)

He also did one back then called "Who's Next?" and it listed all of the countries who were aquiring nuclear devices.  Although the facts are dated, the concept was fantastic, so I thought I would try to write something in the same style but make it more current.  Maybe I shouldn't try to compete with the master.   Actually this sounds like Tom Lehrer meets Randy Newman, another writing hero.  Be that as it may, hope you enjoy it.  Pretty grim comedy, I admit!!!