Even though these past few days have been brutally cold, this winter season has been more like spring or fall.


We may be enjoying the warmer temperatures, but it may be not so good for some Albany area farmers.

Many of the apple trees at some area orchards started to produce some buds. This is not a good thing because the trees were dormant. When it gets cold again, this could actually kill the crop.

In a story from the Times Union, it’s too early to tell whether this unusual weather will damage any of the New York state fruit harvest. Alfalfa may be another crop that could be ruined with the lack of snow. Alfalfa is the main feed for cattle.

According to our weather, the temperature is supposed to go back up into the 40s near the end of the week. I know most of us haven’t minded the mild season, but let’s hope we don’t have too many consequences because of it.

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