While you were gettin' your drink on and partying with friends listening to the musical stylings of the one and only Florida-Georgia Line, I wasn't singing along with you this time. I wasn't backstage or out by the GNA booth, I wasn't in a dressing room or up close to the stage taking pictures. I instead was out of breath and sweating my butt off!

My softball team is a Sunday league and while a lot of our games happen earlier in the day, this double header that took place yesterday was a 4pm start. I'm working on my natural energy when getting myself ready both physically and mentally for these games. They at one time would start with an energy drink, but as of today, I'm 18 days energy drink free! With my asthma, I also have to be strategic about how I prepare which is more running drills than throwing. My arms will be fine, as will my aim, my lungs I can't always count on.

I pride myself on my abilities, knowing that I've had plenty of years of practice at this point (I started at 6 years old.) But, I also know that given my consistency this one achievement doesn't happen often for me. So, after sweating my booty off for 2 full games, making some awesome plays, keeping the team informed on outs and where to go, knocking some runs in and helping us win with a mercy for the first game and have an amazing comeback the second it was awesome for this to happen.

I am officially this weeks Most Valuable Player! Sorry, Florida-Georgia Line this definitely made missing your show completely worth it!

mvp 2 redit Marissa