I live in a mostly residential, yet moderately action-packed part of Albany near Washington Park and I love it.  Been down here about 10 years. You'll see a little bit of everything if you keep your eyes to the streets (and are a wee bit on the nosey side). But what I saw last night, just a few moments after it happened, was a first.

While looking for a parking spot after a workout around 9:45 pm Tuesday night, I heard multiple cop car sirens just a few hundred yards away.  One cop car went screaming by, then another, then at least 3 more.  I grabbed my cell so I could listen to my police scanner app and immediately heard that they "had the suspect in custody". This was good stuff.   I ventured around the corner to get a better look and parked my Jeep about 100 yeards away.  I saw a pretty dinged up that truck had come to a stop on the sidewalk in front of a fried chicken spot.  Everything looked under control, no real injuries (thank goodness) but I had to get closer to survey the scene, talk to a few witnesses, and take a few pics.  Careful not to interfere with the hard-working Albany Police and EMT's, I stayed well behind the police tape. I was able to surmise from witnesses that a police chase ensued down Central Ave heading towards downtown and the speeds were quite excessive.  I don't know if the driver crashed the truck, or if the crash was caused by police who had no choice but to take the car off the road preventing any serious injuries.  Either way, I'm glad it turned the way it did; suspect in custody and no serious injuries.  Much respect to the men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line for us each and every day!

I'm not cut out to be one of them.  I'm just a wannabe with a police scanner, a cell phone, twitter, and an insatiable fascination with the work they do.  But I do know one thing, you can't outrun the law!

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