Should we be worried that we are on the list or happy we aren't the number one on it?

I personally am kind of shocked that we don't have multiple offenders on this list. Only In Your State ranked the top 10 dangerous towns in New York. Not a town on it is all too shocking. It seems as if the Hudson Valley is pretty well in trouble. They have two of the top three being Newburgh at number one and Poughkeepsie coming in at number 3.

Just a bit north ranking in at number seven is the Electric City of Schenectady. While Schenectady may be a historic city and has many things to brag about, it also can be quite scary. Thankfully our studios are nestled just outside in the Albany Pine Bush. The way Only In Your State came up with this ranking is with crime rates along with some statistics from the FBI and Neighborhood Scouts.

Check out the full list below.


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